Music Player for Audiobook

Play music and audiobooks at the SAME TIME!This app also has DETAILED VOLUME CONTROL function.

You can play music and audiobooks at the SAME TIME!Enjoy Audiobook with BACKGROUND MUSIC!

Normally, if you try to play music while playing an audiobook, the audiobook will stop playing.However, this app allows you to play music without stopping the audio playback of the book.Along with sleep music, when you are a bit lonely with an audio book alonePlease try using this app.

Have you ever tried to change the volume on your iPhone, saying “lower is too low, and higher is too high”?This app has a function to adjust the volume in 100 steps.Please tap the speaker icon on the left and right of the top screen and playback screen.

■Not just for audiobooks, but also for podcasts.
This app can play music at the same time as an audiobook as well as a podcast or game.

■ You can use favorite music
Music in your iPhone can also be used for background music.Please set from the music selection screen.

※Music played by this app cannot be operated from the iPhone control screen.Also, music will not stop automatically such as when you remove wireless earphones from your ears or using controls on your earphones.Please press the STOP button in the app.

* If you have any features you wish to add, please write them down in the review column.

<NAME> Music Player for Audiobook

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  1. Please contact me. I would like to add music to or buy this APP.


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